Apprenticeship Program



Today is a great time to join one of the fastest growing careers in aviation. We hope you’ll consider
making a great decision to enter into LEARN AVIONICS, LLC and OASIS AVIATION’s Avionics Technician
Program. After reviewing this information sheet, you may contact Steve Olive at 850-207-1137 if you
have further questions or wish to enroll.

1. Can you explain the Avionics Technician Program?
a. The LEARN AVIONICS Apprenticeship Program is a career education program. As a
student, you’ll learn the skills and knowledge necessary to work as a technician in the
Aviation Electronics (Avionics) industry. The program is 12 months long and includes
both classroom and hands-on learning in our modern avionics shop and classrooms in
Newnan, Georgia. The program is open for anyone 18 years or older.

2. What will I learn in this program?
a. The purpose of the program is to provide the student with a complete, well rounded
avionics education, ensuring you are job ready upon completion. You’ll learn electrical
theory and practice, how to wire today’s modern avionics, how to work with aircraft
structures, installation processes and procedures for Garmin, Avidyne, S-TEC, and much
more. In addition, you’ll learn CAD design for aircraft panels, OSHA rules and
regulations, Safety Management, business best practices and other aspects necessary to
ensure a successful avionics business.

3. Will I get to work on actual airplanes?
a. Absolutely, each student will be working on aircraft currently flying and operating. Most

of your experience will be with general aviation airplanes, both single-engine and twin-
engine piston aircraft. Occasionally, we may also install avionics in helicopters and small

business turboprop and jet airplanes.

4. Is Job Placement available?
a. Yes, we have a network of over 180 avionics shops throughout the U.S. and
internationally who work directly with us. In addition, as a member of the Aircraft
Electronics Association (AEA), we are linked to avionics employers throughout the
world. We work hard to ensure each of our graduates have a job offer upon
completion of the apprenticeship.

5. Is there a cost or tuition to enter this program?
a. The cost of the program, is $19,995. There is also a $350 fee to take the Aircraft
Electronics Technician Certification test prior to graduating the program.

6. Are scholarships or student funding available?

a. There are federal, State and local funds available for qualified individuals. Veterans may

also qualify for VA funding. In addition, employers may provide sponsorships for
students. Contact us to see if you qualify for these programs.

7. Is there a certification upon graduation?
a. Yes, each apprentice will take the NCATT Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET) test prior
to course completion. This is the avionics industry’s certification and a nationally
recognized standard.

8. How do I apply for the program?
a. Acceptance into the program is limited. Applications start with a questionnaire and
resume. You can apply to with your resume and a short memo (less
than 300 words) stating why you want to become an avionics technician. After a review
by our staff, a questionnaire and application form will be sent to finalize you application.
If accepted, you’ll be notified of your starting date. Typically, our programs start either
in July and/or January each year.

1. Does my previous military or industry experience make a difference?
a. Absolutely. If you were an avionics technician in the military, the training period can be
shortened up to 6 months based on your previous experience. If you weren’t in an
avionics career field but have related job experience you may also be eligible to
complete the program in less than 12 months. This puts you into the job market sooner.

2. Can I use the GI Bill?
a. Our program is not the same as enrolling in college. As such, the GI Bill cannot be used
for the tuition reimbursement, however, many veterans will be eligible for BAH
reimbursement (Basic Allowance for Housing) while enrolled in our apprenticeship.

3. What other benefits are there for veterans?
a. In some cases, veterans may get specialized tools and job-related equipment at no cost.
Veterans also receive priority over non-veterans when applying to the Avionics

1. Are there tax and wage benefits to the Employer?
a. Yes, for employees who meet eligibility criteria (veterans, dislocated workers,
disadvantaged workers), there are many programs to offset the cost of supporting your
apprentices. Some of these include wage reimbursements and employment tax credits.
We can connect you with the right agencies to determine if you qualify.

2. What are the benefits of sending someone to be a trainee?
a. Firstly, you can be assured that your employee is being trained in accordance with the
nationally recognized standards approved by the Dept. of Labor and the Aircraft
Electronics Association. Second, your senior technicians can focus on their jobs without
the secondary task of training a new employee. Finally, you’ll receive a fully trained
junior installer at the completion of our program, who has been involved in every phase
and aspect of avionics installation and troubleshooting at the General Aviation level.
These graduates are immediately ready to make your shop more successful.
3. What if I do not have a candidate to send as a Trainee, but still wish to hire these candidates
after training?
a. That’s great too! For graduates of our program, our primary goal is to help them get a
great job in the avionics industry. We work with Avionics shops and avionics
manufacturers to ensure job placement for our apprenticeships. Our placement fees
are very reasonable and we work directly with apprentice and employer to ensure the
right fit for both.
4. Who do I contact to learn more?
a. Contact Steve Olive at or at 678-870-3085.