Avionics Installation Technician

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Register now for 12 month day-time course which includes over 1200 hours of  avionics installation instruction. The Aircraft Electrical Technicians Certificate (AET), FCC Endorsements both offered online as an option to the installation course. NCATT/ASTM certification is included in the AIT course.

All students receive free job placement assistance and career advancement training!

We offer classes for 10 students per instructor. Each team will convert an analog avionics panel to a new digital avionics panel throughout the course.

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Small Classes

Unlike other schools, we limit our classes to 10 students. This allows each class to have highly structured and expert instruction to insure the best learning environment. 

Safe Environment

Full Panel Build Course

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Job Placement

We are teaching avionics installation, one of the highest demand job positions in the aviation industry. We work with all the job placement firms, as well as over 160 avionics shops to place our graduates.

Binder with proven work to show employers

AET and FCC Certifications

Pre-arranged interviews and digital resumes

The Hangar is our Classroom

Each student will tear down an analog panel and rebuild with new avionics. This is real-world avionics installation experience that will place you at the top of the candidate list. 

10 students per instructor

Direct supervision from A&P/IA's

Located at an Airport with real life maintenance and installations.

Certified Avionics Installation Technician

Did you know that avionics installation technicians are one of the highest need industry jobs in the world? 

Certified Avionics Installation Technician details

Test Prep FCC Elements


Employer Connections

Start Your Avionics Career! 

In 6 months of intense and hands-on training you will graduate with the skills, knowledge and confidence to launch your avionics installation career. Whether you are advancing your current aviation career or new to aviation, the skills you learn as a Learn Avionics Certified Avionics Installation Technician will open opportunities.