Employee Training Courses

Does your company need avionics installation technicians?

Many companies who offer avionics installation services do not have enough trained employees who can do the basics, let alone the advanced installation and troubleshooting.

Learn Avionics has created a course curriculum to meet the needs of your company. The Avionics Installation Technician Certification (AIT) combines electrical AET certification with over 500 hours of hands-on avionics installation training.

Learn Avionics students work on live aircraft that are being upgraded to modern avionics. These aircraft are owned by us, upgraded to be leased, sold or flown by our staff.

We teach the pre-planning, hands-on installation, panel modification and the return to service documention process for a FAA part 145 repair station. 

Call today to speak with our team to develop an employee training program for your company.


Jason McKee