Financing Options

Avionics Technician Full Course: $19,995

Learn Avionics offers many different financing options, including scholarships and payment plans for students.

Payment Plans

25% down ($4,998.75) and remainder of balance paid at $312.42 for 48 months. (Full Avionics Technician Course only). Based on credit approval.

Job Placement Included

Part 145 repairman job placement included for all graduates. Standard wage rates for avionics program graduate installer is $25-30/hour. We have a network of avionics shops looking for graduates to hire!

Scholarships Available

Up to 50% off total tuition with the Learn Avionics Scholarship.

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Current Endorsements

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Course Offerings

Complete Avionics Technician course offering the AET pre-certification and over 900 hours of instruction.