Avionics is often the most expensive yet most rewarding upgrade to an aircraft. Aircraft owners and operators are both pleased with the new technology as well as the reduction of pilot work load while flying. Modern requirements such as ADSB_ OUT have provided a safer flying environment. With the addition of ADS-B IN, offering weather and traffic for every pilot, the avionics are now a must-have for all owners.

Manufacturers have been creating and releasing technology at a mid-blowing pace. With this landslide of new technology, the challenge is finding qualified technicians to install the equipment. Enter stage left…Learn Avionics.

Learn Avionics was created as a partnership between multiple avionics installation facilities who need techs. Learn Avionics was created to provide our shops with qualified technicians and over the past couple years, we taught our own apprentices to become highly skilled employees, installing everything from a transponder to Garmin G3X systems.

Once we “let the cat out of the bag” to our colleagues, our network of over 160 shops begged us to create a school to develop more technicians.

Our concept and program is different and unique.

We buy certified aircraft with analog avionics and teach our students to remove and install full panels with modern digital avionics. All under the close eyes of our expert installers, A&P/IA and seasoned professionals who ultimately return the aircraft to service.

We teach project planning, wire harness and wire diagrams, we teach panel design, cut and laser etching, we teach installation and configurations and we teach how to properly complete the paperwork for return to service documentation.

We are confident that our graduates will be highly desired avionics technicians who can immediately go work for, and be revenue producing and highly effective employees of repair centers.

Each graduate will be building their digital portfolio throughout the 6 month course to provide samples of work and proof to new employers that are qualified candidates for hire.

We offer job placement assistance to our own network of shops as well as our continued relationships with industry leaders who give us content and guidance on new products.

We offer the latest technology for our teaching environment, changing the avionics out each time with the latest products.

Call us anytime to learn more at 404-309-0877.