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Wire Harness Build Training

Wire harness build training courses are designed to teach the fundamentals of readining wire diagrams, soldering and pinning. These aviation related training courses allows each student many hours of hands-on training, in-person classroom training and online...

Aviation Career Training

According to the FAA Aviation Mechanics and Avionics technicians are at an all-time need. The future of space and aviation is based on electronic flight instruments and GPS based navigation. Satellites now provide a complete GPS coverage of navigational aid to...

Employee Training Courses

Does your company need avionics installation technicians? Many companies who offer avionics installation services do not have enough trained employees who can do the basics, let alone the advanced installation and troubleshooting. Learn Avionics has created a course...

Avionics Install Class Videos

Basic Wiring and Installation Course Actual Footage of Class Even our basic wiring and installation courses have massive amounts of knowledge shared to make you a better avionics installation professional. Check out these topics... Related Episodes

AIT Avionics Installation Technician Course Outline

Future Students: This is a general list of the subject areas taught in our 6-month AIT course pursuant to the Learn Avionics AIT Certification. The following areas are taught as part of the AET training segment  (online courses are available for additional help via...

Start your Avionics Technician Career

Learn Avioncs is available and open to anyone with the desire to learn avionics! Military discounts and student finacial assistance is available.

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