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Avionics Installation Technician Certification

Future students,  Here is a general list of the subject areas taught in our 6-month AIT course pursuant to the Learn Avionics AIT Certification.    The following areas are taught as part of the AET training segment (first 8-10 weeks give or take)  Introductory and...

Learn Avionics is the Future of Aviation

Avionics is often the most expensive yet most rewarding upgrade to an aircraft. Aircraft owners and operators are both pleased with the new technology as well as the reduction of pilot work load while flying. Modern requirements such as ADSB_ OUT have provided a safer...

Avionics Installation School Opening

Learn Avionics is accepting applications for the January 2021 semester. The course schedule will include over 900 hours of hans-on instruction to learn how to install modern avionics. Our dedicated team of expert installers will teach the class of 10 students how to...

Start your Avionics Technician Career

Learn Avioncs is available and open to anyone with the desire to learn avionics! Military discounts and student finacial assistance is available.

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