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Avionics Installation Training

Learn how to become an Avionics Installation Technician (AIT) with the NCATT-AET certification course for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.  Learn the skills desired by the major avionics manufacturers and airlines.

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teaching for 20+ years

We run avionics installation shops. We know what the industry needs in highly qualified and professional avionics technicians. We have interviewed over 300 shops and dozens of OEM and all agree the industry needs highly trained avionics installers. So we have built the courses and the job placement path to train you with hands-on instruction and find you a great job. 10 students per instructor. Over 900 hours of hands on instruction. 

Unlike other schools, we focus on teaching modern avionics installation, not theory. Upon completing our 6 month course, you will be able to remove the entire analog system of a Cessna 172 and replace it with a complete Dynon, Avidyne or Garmin avionics package! You will also be prepared to test for the Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET) and the FCC License Exam Prep for Elements 1, 3, 8 & 9 required by many commercial air carriers.

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Our Mission

To produce the highest quality avionics installers for general aviation and business aviation.


Our Vision

Our team has partnered with the leading avionics manufacturers to teach installation training to fill the need for qualified technicians. 

Real-Life Project

Over 900 hours of expert instruction

Our course will take you from inspecting the aircraft, removal of analog systems, panel design and build, wire harness build, configuration and installation. Then we finish this course with a return to service documentation package. 

Every student will document work in a digital file to show future employers the exact work completed; signed off by our expert instructors. 

Remove Analog Panel

Design New Panel for Aircraft

Install New Digital Avionics Panel

Learn FAA Regulations and Return to Service

Learn Business Applications and Processes

Graduate with AET and FCC Endorsements

Student Training

Over 900 hours of expert instruction with 10 students per instructor. No other school offers 10:1 instruction. We also provide the only courses with modern avionics installation. All others schools only teach theory. 

Job Placement

Our graduates will have access to over 160 shops looking for qualified instructors. Our datebase of current customers want and need qualified installers. They asked us to give them employees!

Each student will build their completed work binder that shows images and task completions based on the approvals of our expert instructors. They will have the confidence to get to work on day one.

Graduate Confidence

Our school is designed to build the confidence in doing-rather than showing. Our students are paired in twos. Each team works with an instructor (A&P/IA) on a live working Cessna 172 aircraft for the course of the 6 months.

Each team gains the hands-on instruction and proper training to complete each task to perfection. We don’t rush through to get it done, we teach it to be done right.

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Learn The AET online.

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We offer online courses for any and all students. Just click below to take some e-learning courses.

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AIT Avionics Installation Technician Course Outline

Future Students: This is a general list of the subject areas taught in our 6-month AIT course pursuant to the Learn Avionics AIT Certification. The following areas are taught as part of the AET training segment  (online courses are available for additional help via...

Avionics Installation Technician Certification

Future students,  Here is a general list of the subject areas taught in our 6-month AIT course pursuant to the Learn Avionics AIT Certification.    The following areas are taught as part of the AET training segment (first 8-10 weeks give or take)  Introductory and...

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Avionics is often the most expensive yet most rewarding upgrade to an aircraft. Aircraft owners and operators are both pleased with the new technology as well as the reduction of pilot work load while flying. Modern requirements such as ADSB_ OUT have provided a safer...

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Installation is just the begining, we have busienss courses, sales and marketing courses and running a part 145 repair station courses! 

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